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FNF Ben’s Adventure

FNF Ben’s Adventure unblocked is a new mod but attracts the attention of many players. It offers fun songs for you to play with BF, GF and many other characters.

The game is BF’s thrilling adventure through hilarious encounters. It is a mod that is quite close to the original FNF game, but still has a lot of new things to keep you hooked for hours. Specifically, it brings a number of new songs and new character looks while keeping the typical musical gameplay.

During the first week, you will play as BF and have a music competition with GF on the song “Promise”. It is a heartwarming song of this couple and shows their promises about their future. If you win, you will help BF successfully convince his girlfriend of his feelings.

However, things weren’t so sweet until the second week of this FNF Rhythm game. During the next week, you will have an encounter with HighJinx, who has captured BF’s friends. Try to conquer the song “HiJinx” to save your friends, and at the same time prove your talent against a formidable opponent.

Besides music, this FNF full week also has many new points in design. It changed the appearance of BF, GF and added new characters. Moreover, the game scene is also completely new, giving inspiration for your experiences here. Do not hesitate to discover them as well as the interesting cutscenes in this game.

FNF Ben’s Adventure is a great Friday Night Funkin’ mod for all fans. We believe its charm will attract you to play online for hours here. Make a name for yourself with new record achievements and show them off to your like-minded people!

How to play

Complete musical tunes with the arrow keys on your keyboard

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