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FNF Bob full week is a mod that you cannot miss in your rhythm adventure. You’ll compete with Bob for weeks with new and exciting tracks and characters every week.

In this game, you will have very attractive competitive music nights with Bob, a strange hand-drawn creature. There, BF and Bob will have to compete against each other in the presence and cheers of GF. The atmosphere of the competition is always very hot and a bit creepy. So, can you beat Bob to unlock new things?

First, in FNF Vs. Bob 2.0, you will have an interesting week with 3 songs, Withered, Sunshine and Run. So, if you complete these tracks, you have the right to unlock the second week with three new songs, namely Trouble Song, Onslaught Bob and Ron Song. Each song with different melodies will challenge your flexibility.

Songs are always a big challenge for BF but he has your help. Play hard to practice your FNF mod online unblocked and musical ability. Luck can’t bring you good results, but hard work does. Try and don’t hesitate to play over and over again if you lose.

If you pass all the tracks in the first two weeks, the game has a nice bonus for freestyle. It’s a pretty long song, Little Man Song, it will be the ultimate challenge for the pros in classic FNF rhythm play. So, can you overcome all to own the right to try this song?

Nothing is too easy in FNF Vs. Bob mod but it’s really worth exploring. You can master the songs with the arrow keys and your passion for music. So make your downtimes inspirational with the soundtracks of this game!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to complete the arrow notes that run across the screen

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