Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Voltz

Friday Night Funkin' Vs Voltz delivers great moments with rhythm. It is available for you to download now and immerse yourself in battles with FNF Voltz.

FNF Voltz download is truly an undeniably mod. It offers plenty of songs to play as Voltz, while also offering an interesting rematch between him and BF in new tracks.

There is nothing better than this, a completely new and exciting idea in FNF games. It’s a great playground for you to enjoy new music while enjoying familiar FNF mechanics. Moreover, there are new fun characters and interesting stories about them to tell. Don’t miss these in this mod, it’s worth a try.

FNF Voltz Week 7 Download
FNF Voltz Week 7 Download

During the first week, you’ll play as Voltz on 3 new songs as well as several other expansion tracks. He will face ELECTRIFIED and promises moments of fierce competition. So, show your musical ability to conquer your opponents and win each song with a record score!

After that, you can return as BF and have an irresistible rematch with Voltz. Of course, there will be 3 new songs to try and fun rewards to discover. Besides, don’t miss the interesting cutscenes that reveal even more about their story. Those are well-constructed 2D scenes with background music.

In terms of gameplay, it hasn’t changed too much, it’s still the typical FNF rhythm mechanic. You will play music by clicking the arrow keys on the keyboard. Agility will help you score points and not miss the opportunity to win your opponent. Make sure not to miss too many musical arrows on the screen!

If you love Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Voltz unblocked, get it here. It has pleased a lot of players and made them leave positive comments. So maybe it’s also helpful for you to turn your breaks into the best music moments.

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